15, Jan, 2024
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Installing DivX on Windows 98

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Today is the beginning of 2024. The best time to do something as useless as choosing the latest software for Windows 98.
We’ll start with the video player. If you were around the days of using Windows 98, then you heard about such a player as the DivX player. The same name with the DivX codec that is installed with it.
The first publicly available version of DviX was version 3 of the codec.
Let’s install it. Installer in zip archive. Let’s use the necessary software to unpack it.
Well, now let’s try to install the codec.
Install the codec and launch the video through a standard Windows player.
Everything works.
We are trying to install version 4. The codec will already come with its own player.
I suspect that the installer is asking you to install DirectX. Install DirectX and reboot the system. Now everything works.
Trying to install a newer version. Version 5 of the player installs without problems.
However, there are problems with detecting your own codecs. I could now install a library with all the necessary codecs and probably everything would work, but this is the topic of a future video. We will also run modern video files on Windows 98.
It’s time to find out which version of DviX worked on Windows 98 SE. Launch the installer for version 6 of the player. It looks like I can’t install it. Well, let’s try to install it through another version 6 installer. Hmm.. Then we were notified that version 6 can no longer be used on Windows 98 SE
We found out that the last working version of the player for Windows 98 was version 2.5.4 released in 2004.
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